Architecture, Environmental and Planning

Architectural Services

  • Architecture
  • Residential Building Design
  • Commercial and Institutional Building Design
  • Civic Center Building Design
  • Building Construction/
  • Construction Supervision/ Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Multi-Density Housing and Estate Design/Construction

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment/Report
  • Air Quality Evaluation and Control
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Hazardous Materials Impact Assessment
  • Impact Mitigation/Monitoring and Reporting
  • Climate Change Impact Assessment and Response Programs
  • Noise Impact Assessment

Planning Services

  • General/Master /Specific Plan Development
  • City/Urban/Regional Land Use Studies and Planning
  • Zoning and Special Purpose Development
  • Land Use Permit Processing and Coordination
  • Citizens Participation and Outreach Coordination
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Coordination
  • Public Presentation and advocacy
  • Opportunity and Constraints Analysis