Christian N Ihenacho


An Environmental Specialist with over 30 years of proven experience in regulatory policy program/project development and management gained from working both in the United States and Nigeria. Has extensive cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team experience to successfully manage projects of varying nature and complexity. Track record of team-building and quality leadership; effective communication and interpersonal relationships and consensus–building skills, and excellent knowledge of project management and community awareness creation. Also, demonstrated strong strategic and diligent policy/program advocacy/analysis, and outstanding problem-solving and negotiating skills. Knowledgeable in mainstreaming of gender and vulnerable groups issues, as well as integrating climate change programs into Environmental Sustainable Development plans and programs.
2008 to 2018: Individual/Independent Consultant, and President/Managing Director of OJI Environmental Services
Worked on contract to the Ministry of Environment, Federal Republic of Nigeria in the development and implementation of various environmental policies, plans and programs, which included the following:
§ Severed as National Technical Consultant to the Nigeria-Polychlorinated Biphenyls Management Project (a project funded by the Global Environment Facility, and managed by the World Bank and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP);
§ Prepared the National Policy and Legal Framework on Polychlorinated Biphenyls Management in Nigeria;
§ Partnered in the preparation of the National Management Plan for the Nigeria-Polychlorinated Biphenyls Management Project;
§ Prepared the “Technical Guidance Manual, and Rule Authorization for the Sound Management of Hazardous Materials and Impounded Goods;”
§ Prepared the Workplan and Budget for Mainstreaming Pesticides Management Issues into the Three Tiers of Government, an Africa Stockpiles Program (ASP), managed by the World Bank;
Interest in working for a global/major company or organization where my expertise and years of experience can be used to advance the quality of life of people and communities affected by adverse environmental conditions, while at the same time, being cognizant and sensitive to the fiscal impacts of mitigation measures on the public, commerce and industry, and other concerned groups; and striking a balance that serves the interests of all the parties concerned.
§ Coordinated and Conducted series of in-nation and overseas training of management and technical staff of various ministries, departments and agencies on safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials;
§ Prepared in-nation and international grant proposals for various national environmental plans and programs.
1998-2008: President/Managing Director of OJI Environmental Services
Founded OJI in 1998, and operated as an M/DBE/8(a) company, and managed all aspects of the company including proposal writing, contract procurement and project/program execution. Below is a partial list of projects completed by the company:
§ Spearheaded the effort of OJI to assemble a team of California-based waste management company and financing institution to conduct feasibility studies for Integrated Waste Management project in Imo State in Nigeria, with partial funding of $250,000.00 from the United State Trade Development Agency.
§ Prepared over sixteen health risk assessments projects and over twelve Air Quality Impact Assessments for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles County, California.
§ Prepared Dust Abatement Plan for Owens Lake (California) South Zone for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, California.
§ Prepared Facility Operation and Management Abatement Plan for the Spartan Cleanup Corporation (SCC); and prepared proposal and secured Carl Moyer Air Quality Improvement Grants, valued over $300,000 for the facility in Riverside, California;
§ Prepared Accidental Chemical Release and Risk of Upset Prevention Compliance Plan, under the US Federal Rule 112(r) – Risk Management Plan, and for TAMCO Steel in Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA.
1991 – 1998, Regulatory Development Manager, Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District.
As Regulatory Development Manager, developed and managed District’s rules and regulations, plans and programs designed to improve air quality in the District in compliance with the respective State of California and Federal Clean Air Acts requirements in collaboration with a diverse team of professionals from Regulatory Development, Engineering and Science, Field Inspection and Compliance, and Air Monitoring to review State and federal air quality policies and regulations to develop and implement various Districts rules and regulations, plans and programs. Below are representative sample of my accomplishments:
§ Managed the preparation and implementation of Air Quality Attainment Plans for various District’s non-attainment areas for Ozone and Particulate Matter (PM10) in compliance with the respective State of California, and Federal Clean Air Acts requirements;
§ Managed developed of numerous District’s air quality plans and programs, rules and regulations;
§ Managed the development of a system for District’s and non-District’s projects environmental documents receiving, documentation and processing in compliance with both the California Environmental Quality Act and the National Environmental Policy Act (CEQA/NEPA) requirements;

§ Made monthly presentations to the District Governing Board, Advisory Board, and various other committees at their respective meetings for deliberation and adoption of projects and other related regulatory issues;
§ Coordinated projects with, and represented the District at various local, regional and state level meetings, workshops and conferences about air quality and related environmental planning and engineering matters;
§ Managed the review, reporting and submittal for deliberation, approval/consent of numerous land use, and engineering projects’ permits applications to the Governing Board, including:
• Conformity Determination for the George Air Force Base Closure and Reuse Plan;
• Plant Modification and Permit Compliance Plans for: North American Chemical Company,
Mitsubishi Cement Plant, and PG&E Coolwater (Power) Generating Station; and
• Rail-Cycle Project;
1987 – 1991, Air Quality Specialist, South Coast Air Quality Management District:
As Air Quality Specialist, worked in collaboration with a diverse team of professionals from Planning and Regulatory Development, Engineering and Science, Field Inspection and Compliance, and Air Monitoring to review State and federal air quality policies and regulations to develop and implement various Districts rules and regulations, plans and programs. Below are representative sample of my accomplishments:
§ Lead Project Planner on various District’s rules and regulations in compliance with the State of California and Federal Clean Air Act requirements:
§ Lead Project Planner on receiving , documenting, reviewing, preparing monthly reports of numerous project documents submitted in view of the District’s Lead/Responsible Agency role under the provisions of CEQA/NEPA requirements;
§ Reviewed, prepared reports with recommendations, and submitted to the District’s Governing Board for consideration and approval/consent, on non-District’s regionally significant projects including:
• The respective Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, Solid Waste Management Plans;
• Various petrochemicals and military facilities, sites decontamination and remediation projects’ permits impact assessments.
• The Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors 20/20 Master Plan;
• The Alameda Corridor Rail Project;
• Various Oil refining sulfur reduction, co-generation units, and site cleanup projects permits, including Shell, Mobil, Texaco and Ultramar oil companies;
§ Coordinated with, and represented the District at various local, state and federal agencies’ committee meetings;
§ Master of Urban Planning, 1982, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
§ Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, 1980, Calif. State Univ., San Francisco, California
§ Associate of Arts (Pre-Architecture), 1977, Butte Community College, Oroville, California