Future Projects

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OJICALIFCO Consortium Inc has become a preferred partner to leading power, energy, petro-chemical, water treatment, pipeline design, chemical plants businesses.


Partial Project Portfolio:
Water Treatment Project for Nigeria: 755 k – Potable Water filter design / manufacturing /equipment estimation, facility estimation.
Power for Smart Grids for Nigeria: 32 M – Grid Power, SCADA, Structural construction, Pipeline construction, Pipeline design, Natural Gas Transportation design and processing, Metallurgical evidence characterization.
Solar alternatives for micro grids for Nigeria: 22 M – Solar Power, structural construction, solar cell manufacturing, site estimation.
Deluge and Firewall: 1.26 M – Industrial Water, Gas, Automation, structural construction, equipment estimation & design, customized manufacturing, site estimation.
Records Management: 450 k – Asset Management, GIS.
Solar alternatives for grids for private clientele: 3.7 M – Solar Power, structural construction / Customized manufacturing.
Pole remediation & Asset Management: 760 k – GIS, SCADA, Asset Management, equipment estimation, structural construction, pole design / manufacturing, site estimation.
Desal Project: 2.3 M – Potable Water, SCADA, Automation, customized filter manufacturing.
SCADA Project: 2.63 M – Water, Gas, Power, Automation, Asset Management, customized hardware manufacturing, evidence characterization.
LOTO Project: 430 k – Safety Management, Asset Management, customized manufacturing.
Vulnerability study assessment Project (VSAT software): 520 k – Risk Management, Asset Management.
Water Treatment of Wrigley Reservoir: 1.62 M – Potable Water, Automation, Asset Management, GIS, Project Management, equipment estimation, filter manufacturing: customization and design.
Middle Ranch Reservoir Project: 774 k – Surface Water, Automation, Modelling.
Automation Project: 2.31 M – Automation, Asset Management, Equipment estimation, Gen set: manufacturing and design.
Gas pipeline project: 1.6 M – Piping construction, Equipment estimation, Pipeline integrity, Pipeline design, Gas Transportation Validation, pipeline manufacturing.
Aliso Canyon Project: 1.8 M – Industrial Water, filter design / manufacturing.
Placentia Project: 525 k – Industrial Water, Equipment estimation, construction, valve / pipeline customized manufacturing, evidence characterization.
Gas Pipeline Project: 2.5 M – PSEP Piping construction (Valencia, Orange County), valve / pipeline customized manufacturing, equipment estimation.
Private Project (Applied LNG): 5.5 M – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Plant commissioning, Pipeline Design, Equipment estimation, Pipeline Integrity, Validation of P&IDs, valve / pipeline customized manufacturing, site estimation, evidence characterization, vendor management and interaction.
Solar power for grids for private clientele: 1.8 M – Solar Power, structural construction, solar panel customized manufacturing.
WT Project: 1.37 M – Industrial Water, Piping construction, Equipment estimation, piping design.

Playa Del Rey Project: 790 k – Plant Modernisation, pipeline integrity, pipeline design, valve / pipeline customized manufacturing.
Belridge water softening Project: 794 k – Wastewater, filter, manufacturing.
Process Optimisation (Chevron): 560 k – Automation, SCADA, Equipment. estimation, Gas pipeline construction, valve / pipeline.
Process Optimisation (Aera Energy): 790 k – Automation, SCADA, equipment. estimation, pipeline integrity, pipeline design, valve / pipeline customized manufacturing, site estimation.
New York city water softening Project: 2.46 M – Wastewater, Equipment estimation.
SEGR Turbine Project: 2.58 M – Component manufacturing, Equipment estimation, coating and airfoil manufacturing.
EBC Project: 14.1 M – Turbine Coatings, Materials, Supply Chain, component manufacturing.
EOR injection water Project: 2.59 M – Wastewater, Storm, Equipment estimation, Effluent Water, unit products manufacturing.
Chemical Process Optimization: 559 k – Automation, equipment estimation, pipeline design and customized manufacturing.
Gas pipeline project: 556 k – Piping construction, pipeline integrity, pipeline design, valve / pipeline, customized manufacturing.
Insitu combustion Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP): 357 k – Effluent Water, site estimation.
Insitu Combustion Project: 1.63 M – Enhanced Oil recovery , Equipment estimation, Automation and Unit operators manufacturing, site estimation.
Oil & Gas pipeline project: 257 k – Piping construction, pipeline integrity, pipeline design.