Peter Imaa

Mr. Peter Imaa is a Principal Civil Engineer with OJI Califco Consortium, Inc. He is a Registered Civil Engineer in the State of California with over 30 Years of professional civil engineering experience with County of Los Angeles, Public Works Department. Mr. Imaa was responsible for modeling and performing hydrologic and hydraulic engineering analyses for small and large watersheds in Los Angeles County. He supervised the associate civil engineers/civil engineering assistants in performing hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis for Los Angeles County. Developed runoff flow rates used to size flood control structures.

Mr. Imaa provides leadership, project management, design supervision, quality assurance, quality control, final plan review and approval for OJI Califco Civil Engineering projects in Southern California. He has provided civil engineering infrastructure development services for the development of Engineering Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E for municipal public works departments. he is very familiar with the project site and has the professional experience requirements, including Caltrans Highway Design Manual, Caltrans Standard Plans, Caltrans Local Procedures Manual and requirements for municipal projects funded through Sub-regional and Local Measure Funds.