Ms. Ronda Edgar, MBA, JD

Ms. Rhonda Edgar serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Attorney for OJI Califco Consortium, Inc. In the above capacity, she is responsible for all corporate financial dealings, including investments, taxation, legal and bonding commitments. Ronda Edgar, is the founder and leader of Edgar Law Group, LLP, in San Jose and has been practicing law in California since 2003. Her degree in accounting and her masters in tax law helped prepare her to build a strong law practice with tax law as a focus. In addition to tax law matters, the law firm handles a variety of other legal issues with tax implications, including real estate, estates, bankruptcy and business law. Her unique, customized legal solutions help individuals and businesses minimize tax obligations and prevent future tax liabilities. Her vast experience in Law, Taxation and Corporate Accounting can be highlighted by the following specialized expertise:

Legal Compliance, Financial Planning and Strategy, Decision Making and Judgement, Client Focus, Written and Oral Communications, Managing Profitability, Analysis and Problem Solving, Teamwork, Business Acumen, Building Relations, Managing Work, Managing Time

Edgar Law Group LLP, San Jose, California, Managing Partner,
Provide leadership of the firm in terms of the motivation of partners and associates

  • Follow-through to get firm goals and directions accomplished
  • Oversee day-to-day management for the firm
  • Train and supervise associates
  • Coordinate direct marketing efforts and relations with firm clients